Author : Abdul-Rahman Al-Bunaian, Nada

Predictors of Satisfaction of Family Medicine Academy Trainers in Family Medicine Residency Training in Saudi Arabia

Aminah Adil Al-Sulaiman; Nada Abdul-Rahman Al-Bunaian

Management Issues in Healthcare System, 2021, Volume 7, Issue Issue 1, Pages 1-10
DOI: 10.33844/mihs.2021.602334

This study aims to identify the predictors of job satisfaction and perceived barriers of high-quality training among Faculty Members in the Family Medicine Postgraduate Program. This study is a cross-sectional quantitative study with a sample size of 50 trainers in the Family Medicine Postgraduate training program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A validated survey was used, and the items' response categories were on the 5 Likert Scale. The data was collected through a web-based survey link, and focus group interviews were conducted to stress needs and recommendations. From 50 trainers, 32 have responded to the job satisfaction survey. Among them, 69.7% reported they were satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs (9.1% and 60.6% reported being very satisfied and satisfied, respectively). Of all the statistically significant Job satisfaction predictors, six were Trainers’ rating of their Administrative Department, one was a health status variable, and two were among burnout rating. Job satisfaction is a Multi-Dimensional construct that includes stress and burnout variables and depends on the trainers’ perception of their work-life experience and environment. Although the job satisfaction among Family Medicine training was high, further efforts should be implemented to improve the job life and satisfaction by addressing multiple constructs.