Keywords : Psychological Empowerment

The effect of psychological empowerment on the productivity of nurses in private hospitals of Bandar Abbas

Tayeb Dehghani; Mohammad Mahmoudi; Mahmoud Ameri

Management Issues in Healthcare System, 2016, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 43-51
DOI: 10.33844/mihs.2016.60458

Nowadays, empowerment is considered as a useful tool for employees’ qualitative enhancement or growth and as one of basic factors in increasing employees’ productivity. This descriptive study aimed to investigate the effect of psychological empowerment on nurses’ productivity in private hospitals of Bandar Abbas. The statistical population of this research included 508 nurses of private hospitals in Bandar Abbas, which finally 217 of those nurses were selected as statistical sample through using stratified random sampling and Cochran’s sample size formula. To collect data, two validated questionnaires including Spreitzer Standard Questionnaire (1995) and Hersey-Goldsmith Questionnaire (1980) were used to measure psychological empowerment and productivity, respectively. The results revealed that there is a significant positive correlation between competency, confidence, impact, and autonomy and nurses’ productivity and there is a reversed significant relationship between significance and productivity.